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Marketing Series

VNMAR_21FM - Episode 2 (Highlights) : Content Marketing

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Written byHa Thu Phan

Eventually, Marketing Series with VAS has officially launched our episode 2 with guest speaker Chau Nguyen, Content Coordinator at Venngage! Join us to review memorable highlights in 1 hour regarding the content marketing segment!

  • Currently a Content Coordinator at Venngage
  • Main duties: coordinate with freelancers, in-house marketers to edit and publish the - best and most relevant content with Venngage.
  • LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nguyenchau26497/
  • Favorite color: red
  • Favorite Food: bitter black chocolate and a bowl of pho with lemon slices
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Photo by Chau Nguyen

→ Since I have only been working for 1 month, I do not know the details of the company's culture. However, I find people very accommodating and sociable.  also participates in many meetings with other teams and departments as well as get instructions on how the departments work together. Besides, my boss is very caring and communicates a lot with me to make sure I do not get overwhelmed with my new job. The company has a core value that states, "We own our jobs", meaning that people know what they do and how their work affects everyone and vice versa. In addition, people also plan and organize meetings to reflect on their achievements as well as wish to develop themselves and help others.

→ Speaking of content writing, the most important thing I need to pay attention to is the audience: who do you write for? What are their needs? Writing for individuals or for business, for startups or professional organizations? By determining that, you will be able to identify the correct tone of writing as well as the right language. When you write, incorporate what you research into your article and you will have an article that both matches the client's requirements and brings your own color!

→ Content writing is about informing or increasing awareness for readers, written in the form of long articles like blogs, social media. On the contrary, copywriting is more academic when you must have a deep vocabulary understanding, a certain sensitivity to words, to influence and attract readers as much as possible in the range of words. Limited vocabulary, often used when writing ads, sales letters, or taglines. Improve your skills by completing exercises on websites like verygoodcopy.com to gradually improve your copywriting skills!

→ SEO helps your content reach more people and create a bigger and faster impact. Because it is directly related to the search engine, SEO is created to optimize the user experience, so using SEO well will make your article more quality and meet the needs of customers. However, you should pay attention to distinguish when you should and should not use SEO in your articles. A detailed explanation will be found in the workshop! So if you haven’t taken a look, why not do that now?

The article I remember the most is called “Home Care Costs in Ontario”. It took her nearly a week to do research on the price information and services of ON home care because she noticed that there was no general article about this, so she decided to write. For her, a successful content article is an article that touches her readers and understands the reader's needs as well as the problem they are solving. The quality of the article depends on how you solve the reader's problems, together with fact-tracking the claims you make in the article.

→ Write about a career you plan to work in in the future to show your abilities

→ Share about tips, blogs, conversations that I find to bring a lot of value to myself and the community. It is possible to network with experts and tag them in their shares to increase outreach

→ Apply SEO to posts: tagline, used in work history, about me, etc.

→ Write often

Many international students are having a lot of difficulty in connecting with the right recruiter as well as interviewing skills. Can you give us some tips?

→ About connecting with recruiters, I think I give it away to get it back. If you bring to the person you want to access a certain value, they will be willing to exchange and share with you. Sharing their posts or following their activities on social media is a good way. In addition, you should make the most of the message request to make yourself stand out from that expert.

→ The structure of an interview includes questions about transferable skills and technical skills. One tip that I want to give is to practice a lot, then write down questions that you think might be encountered during the interview and practice answering them. The interview is a conversation where both sides get to know each other, so you should not be too nervous or memorize the available answers. Instead, stay calm and wise to share to give correct answers. Best.

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Photo by Nick Morrison

In addition, Ms. Chau also shared in great detail other successful interview tips as well as personal experiences while working in Canada. So why not take a moment to listen to these precious 1 0 2 experiences ???

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